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Upcoming Event – Aymerich Tour for Last Week of February

Starting the 25th of February, the Aymerich Golf Centre will be holding their own tour. The tour will take place over the course of the last five days of February.

It will kick off on the 25th with a small opening ceremony to which winners of the past year’s Charity Golf Tournament will be giving a short speech and a plethora of Spain’s finest golf players in Malaga will be present. A breakfast at the clubhouse will follow and then the tour will kick off with the first tournament.

Small daily tournaments will be organized over the course of the five days to determine the winner by the end of the tour. By the end of the fifth day, a dinner will be held at the clubhouse for the participants and all participants are expected to attend along with their families.

The registration is available at the course itself and participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Participants can choose to register for a single tournament or for the entire tour. It must be noted thought that the fees will differ accordingly. For a single tournament, the fee will be equivalent of two rounds and a trolley which is around fifty euros. For the whole tour, the fee will be in the range of two hundred euros.