Placed in Malaga, Spain, Aymerich Golf Club is a perfect venue for experienced golfers and beginners alike. While playing golfers can enjoy the spectacular view of the Benalmadena coastline as well as a plethora of facilities the place offers.

Yummy Clubhouse

Before or after you finish your round at Aymerich Golf Club, you can visit the clubhouse at which you’ll find a large bar with a variety of drinks. The view is also magnificent since the clubhouse is close to the coastline. If you fancy morning play, you’re going to have to arrive early to eat a delicious breakfast.


Excellent Lockers

The course has great lockers with storage wide enough to include your bags and the bags of your families. The price is decent compared to what the lockers offer. Compared to other lockers in Spain or other countries at Aymerich Golf Club, you’ll really get a more than decent value for any cent you pay for the lockers.


A Wonderful Pro Shop

The pro shop at the golf course has a repertoire of products to offer too. You’ll find a lot of signed clubs and shirts plus some casual wear as well. If you’re a beginner and you prefer buying a club and not rent one, the clerks and the club will be happy to offer you one. The prices are decent enough while there is no compromise on the quality either.

Clubs for Hire

Like any golf course, Aymerich Golf Club offers clubs for hire. Clubs are available with prices as low as seven and eight euros per rounds. If you’re coming to Aymerich Golf Club, you won’t need to go through the hustle of paying your taxi extra cash for the additional luggage or if you’re coming by airport, you’ll be able to avoid the extra money paid to the airline as you can hire a club before starting.