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2016 Annual Charity Golf Tournament

The annual charity golf tournament which was held at Lionhead Golf Club and Conference Center last year raised a record two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars that were donated to children in the Great Toronto Area. A record of five hundred and thirty-six golfers participated in this tournament. Following the success of last year, this year’s tournament will be held in Lionhead Golf club again and will take place starting the twenty-first of June.

The champion of each year gets to choose a foundation to which all the money raised from the tournament goes to and this, of course, will happen again this year as well like last year. The gallery of last year is even available on the tournament’s website. The registration for this year’s tournament is expected to open soon.
This year there is a direction to support several initiatives and charities focusing on youth and children’s mental health. The aim is to raise the largest amount of money possible to continue helping the children of the Grand Toronto Area and perhaps spreading the help to other areas. The specific targeted areas or the field that will be backed with support depends entirely on the charity organization that the winner is going to choose to back.

Nowadays, the sporting world, in general, is enjoying great spotlight that it has not enjoyed before due to the rise of television and internet. Advertising in such popular events brings in a lot of money and so does the sale of tickets. The idea of using sports to raise funds is just exceptionally beneficial to both the organizers and the winner’s chosen charity foundation. Charity organizations depend entirely on donations in most cases. Organizing a charity tournament represents a big source of funds for these organizations. Lately, there has been a tendency among normal citizens and not only popular sporting professionals to organize sporting events to help backing charity organizations worldwide. Participating in such a tournament will not only help you think highly of yourself but it would provide you with a good opportunity to spend time playing the sport you love. The fact that it will also help youth and children struggling with mental health issues to get over their difficulties is an added bonus. Organizations like challenged athletes or the global sporting organization have been carrying out similar activities and they have proved a huge success.

This year’s annual charity golf tournament will represent sixty years of business for the organizing Longos. Some of the charitable partners this year are going to be Sick Kids foundation, Reach Out Center for Kids, William Osler Health System, and the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre. With the huge success the ‘For Kids’ Sake’ charity tournament managed to secure last year, this year is expected to result in even more success. Mark everything on your calendar now as registering and participating in the tournament will turn out to be beneficial for all parties involved. You can help in proving that sports can help others and is not only played for entertainment.